#Reverb15 – Day 7: The Verdict

In her seminal book Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott offers the observation: “The evidence is in, and you are the verdict.”

Regardless of where you live in this crazy beautiful world, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s been a BIG year.

Today, I want to acknowledge that you are here and I am here and we are here.

We’re just… HERE.

That feels like a BIG DEAL.

And, that being said, I invite you to reflect on all that this evinces. What are you the verdict of?


The word “verdict” is throwing me off because it has more of a negative flavor to it.

It’s like being in the judgement seat. And I really do not like that feeling.

So, I’ll look at it this way: I am the answer.

At the end of the day, when it is all said and done, it begins and ends with me.

Everything with which I battle and contend – is to large degree – within my power to mold however I see fit.

I might not be able to control everything but I can control my reactions to them.
That’s not always easy.

The question is who is standing in my way when the road blocks pop up?
The answer is me.


Reverb is a yearly writing challenge that takes place in December. Being the end of the year, it is the perfect time to reflect and think about all that we hold dear to us and to let go of those things that are weighing us down or holding us back. I hope you’ll join us as we share in this wonderful yearly ritual that has become so dear to so many – especially me.