Social Media – Day 10 – #Cultivate2014

Tui Snider writes:

What’s your social media diet?
People often start diets this time of year, but there are other ways to overindulge than food. How about Facebook,, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In, StumbleUpon and all those other wonderful glittery ways we connect with each other via social media?

It’s often said, “you are what you eat.” If that’s true, then from a social media stand point, what are you primarily composed of?


Do you ever binge on social media to the detriment of your creative projects and/or offline interactions?

Think about your online usage for a moment. Do you see any patterns? Are you happy with your current social media habits or do you plan to make changes in 2014?

It’s an up and down thing for me.

Twitter – I could do without. I keep saying I’m going to get off it for good but then I just sort of leave it go. I check in from time to time. But unless you are on there constantly, you sort of get left in the dust as friends talk amongst themselves and tend to ignore you when you do tweet. What’s the point then?

Facebook is the main one I am on. I miss the days prior to all the social media quite frankly. But the one thing I do like about FB and I’ve written about this before, is the ability to keep in touch with friends and family who live thousands of miles away and friends from college I may not see ever again but would like to stay in contact with. Email is nice but it isn’t the same.

I dislike the drama and the nastiness on Facebook when people become too invested in hammering home their political agendas and opinions with blatant disregard for others. I despise the vulgarity on there that some people tend to like. I don’t care for the negativity some like to spread. So I try to ignore it and focus on the positive aspects of it.

Instagram is fun. I have some friends on there who are not on Twitter or Facebook so it’s another way I can stay in touch with them. That one is probably the most fun for me to be on.

Pinterest is off and on. I look and I pin once in a great while. It’s a really good place for ideas and sharing fun creative stuff. But I don’t spend a lot of time on it.

LinkedIn is great for networking.  I recently helped a friend from college who is looking for work connect with a former colleague of mine. I’m hoping that pans out for her.

Overall, there are days where social media does take up too much of my time. I try to take little sabbaticals from it just to avoid burnout. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a bad thing. It’s what you take from it, what you add to it and without  allowing it to take over your life.

As in all things, moderation is key.


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