May Cultivate Day 2: Backspace

Day 2: Backspace
Too often we allow our fears of what people might think of us determine what we think, write or how we act. Because of this, we rely too much on the backspace, or delete key, of our keyboard to dictate our voices rather than our spacebar. Imagine a using keyboard without the delete key available: What would your voice finally be able to say or do if it were finally freed of the backspace?

HA! I hold back each and every day. Especially on Facebook. The things I would love to say would alienate probably 90 percent or more of my friends and family. I’m sick and tired of being “PC” and yet, here we are.

Politics is a definite no-no because people are so vile and judgmental that it is a dangerous topic to touch these days. We hate each other simply because of who we choose to vote for our what party we affiliate with. I am so sick of it. I just want to say, “SHUT THE HELL UP and DEAL WITH IT!”

Differences in opinion – no matter what the topic, actually, is dangerous. God forbid, you have a mind of your own. God forbid you are sick and tired of people with their doom and gloom and CONSTANT criticisms of one another. AND, of course, the labeling! If you don’t agree with something, by GOD! You are a racist! You are intolerant! You are EVIL!

My voice would say we have so many other incredibly important things to work on and achieve rather than to quibble about so many minor things. We hide behind religion and use it as a weapon. We shield ourselves in this stench of superiority because we think somehow we are more moral than the person next to us.

I could go on and on and on. Mostly, I have this incredibly internalized anger that I have to keep closeted because it benefits no one to let it out. Poetry used to be my outlet for anger but lately, I can’t tap into it.

Anyway, the backspace is something I need. It is not something I can do without because too often I react without thinking and send my thoughts out into the world too quickly. The world is not prepared to handle what I really think. It’s really not.

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