#Reverb15 – Day 14: Transformation

You wake up and the light through the window seems different, the air carries a chill or maybe a hint of warmer days.

What has changed? You? The world?

It can be a change that happened this past year or one you’re looking toward in the time ahead. It can be a broad sweep obvious to all or a more subtle shift that only you know about.

Tell us about transformation. 


*I realize I’m WAY behind on my Reverb15 blog posts. These last few days (well week) got away from me. So I shall try to catch up. 🙂

It’s funny because “transformation” was my word I chose for 2015.

I wanted it to be a transformative year for me and it was – in more ways than one.

It was in not always in the best of ways, unfortunately. But perhaps that is what made it transformative in a positive way – as an end result?

It has not been the worst year of my life. But several negative situations helped take the wind out of our sails throughout the course of 2015.

I think, looking back, that the change I see is how I view things – how I view myself. If I am to take away something positive out of all the muck – it would be that I am more accepting of myself than I used to be. I no longer look in the mirror and see the imperfections. I like who I am looking at. I see strength. I see myself for me. And I am proud of that.
I’m tired of thinking I need to be a certain size to be happy. I’m strong. I’m healthy. I accept me for me. That is incredibly freeing.


Reverb is a yearly writing challenge that takes place in December. Being the end of the year, it is the perfect time to reflect and think about all that we hold dear to us and to let go of those things that are weighing us down or holding us back. I hope you’ll join us as we share in this wonderful yearly ritual that has become so dear to so many – especially me.

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