#Reverb15 – Day 10: Radical Acts of Love

When we heal our spirits the ripples are felt from the highest branches to the deepest roots of our family trees. What radical act of love or non-conformity did you embrace this year?  How did performing this alchemy affect your ancestors and what is the gold waiting to be shared with future relations?


I am coming up empty for this prompt, which really saddens me because I feel as if I am missing something or not understanding it. So I’ll just post this picture I took earlier this Fall when I was out hiking. It reminds me of the paths I have yet to take and the never-ending possibilities life presents us.


Reverb is a yearly writing challenge that takes place in December. Being the end of the year, it is the perfect time to reflect and think about all that we hold dear to us and to let go of those things that are weighing us down or holding us back. I hope you’ll join us as we share in this wonderful yearly ritual that has become so dear to so many – especially me.

One thought on “#Reverb15 – Day 10: Radical Acts of Love

  1. What a beautiful photo Tracy and I love what it evokes for you. And I’m thinking perhaps this is an opportunity to set aside guilt and claim as a radical act of self-love the fact that we can morph prompts into exactly what we want. Our lives, our Reverb, our reflections. All good and all perfect.

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