#Reverb15 – Day 1: Lists & Prayers

Reverb 2013 email bannerDay 1: lists and prayers

What sorts of lists do you have on the go at the moment? What do they suggest you are praying for?


My lists are your basic boring to-do lists of projects or chores I need to slog through. The lists keep me sane and help me to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”.

I haven’t had much time for anything else really. I would like a list of things that are more creative – a list of writing projects, or things I would like to have. That would be more interesting, wouldn’t it?

This year has not been a creative one for me. I hope that changes. I know I am the one who controls that. I should say I haven’t “allowed” myself to be creative -not in the way I would like to be at least.

I simply need for this year to be over. I could write a very long list on why I want this year to end. I guess that would suggest I am praying for better times and for the sadness and loss of this year to be but a memory. I desperately need that.


Reverb is a yearly writing challenge that takes place in December. Being the end of the year, it is the perfect time to reflect and think about all that we hold dear to us and to let go of those things that are weighing us down or holding us back. I hope you’ll join us as we share in this wonderful yearly ritual that has become so dear to so many – especially me.

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