So Much Going On These Days!

2015 was supposed to be different in that I was supposed to be writing more and blogging more. Ha! That has not been the case! I’ve been busy, to be sure. And here we are – at the tail end of May with June knocking on the door. Half the year is nearly over!

A lot has been going on in my life. I’ve had to set aside my writing to work on political things as my involvement has increased. I really thought the door had closed on that part of my life but something keeps pulling me back in – an invisible magnetic force – if you will. It’s definitely in my blood.

And involved I am! We just attended the Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention last weekend. What a fun time it was! Saw so many old friends I had not seen in a long while. I came away invigorated and ready to get to work. It was a very positive environment. No nastiness or negativity or ripping on others across the aisle. It was all about moving forward and what we can do to make things better. We need more of that.

2016 is going to be crazy as it is a MAJOR election year. I’m not looking forward to the negative campaigning that will inevitably take place. But I am looking forward to doing what I can to help elect a good candidate to office. We aren’t always going to agree on who that person is. We aren’t going to always like the choices that are made. But one of the great things about this country is that we have the ability to make our voices and opinions heard.

My daughter has only two weeks of 1st grade left and then she will be a 2nd grader. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was sharing my apprehension over her first day of Kindergarten? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was changing her diapers? Where is the time going?

I hope this finds you all healthy and happy. I hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!



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