#cultivate15 – Maps – Day Sixteen


Map: Imagine a map existed, guiding you towards your dreams. Try to envision the route. How are you going to map out your dreams for 2015?

I’m not sure I want a map.

In the past, when I’ve tried to lay out my course – it’s only made things more complicated and disappointing.

I think it is good to have goals and plans but I’ve always been such a control freak over things that I think it is time I just let go and do my best to enact the things I want.

I’m going to keep it simple this time around and just see where the current takes me.


The lovely Meredith Shadwill over at blog.sailorscorpio.com is the mastermind behind Cultivate! It’s a way to release – onto the page – our thoughts, goals and dreams for the new year – living with intention and creating new connections. I hope you’ll join us! To find out more, please click on the link above.

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