#cultivate15 – Friends – Day Eleven


Friends: We need people who nurture us. Friends provide care, support, encouragement, and enjoyment. Are you treating your friends in a nurturing, supportive manner? How can you cultivate the friendships you hold dear?

I love my friends and I try to be a good support to them. I don’t always manage to be the best at that as sometimes life just gets to be too much and I get sidetracked. The last several years were rough personally so I sort of shut myself off from everyone outside my home. Last year, that changed and I started making more friends and reaching out more.

My online friends have been incredibly supportive and I appreciate them so very much. I hold them dear.

I am blessed, especially when it comes to my friends.


The lovely Meredith Shadwill over at blog.sailorscorpio.com is the mastermind behind Cultivate! It’s a way to release – onto the page – our thoughts, goals and dreams for the new year – living with intention and creating new connections. I hope you’ll join us! To find out more, please click on the link above.

Share your responses using the hashtag #cultivate15 and tag @sailorscorpio, and join the Facebook group. Add your link to the blog roll at blog.sailorscorpio.com.

2 thoughts on “#cultivate15 – Friends – Day Eleven

  1. It’s amazing how much support you can draw from a group of friends who are known only by their 140 character or less statements, isn’t it? I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world! Thank you for being one of them. =)

  2. I’ve been thinking lots about friendship lately, and how blessed I am. And most certainly how important online friendships have been for me. Although we take it for granted, sometimes I’m still gobsmacked at the idea of how expansive our worlds have become by being able to connect so widely. Love it!

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