#cultivate15 – Children – Day 10


Children: Perhaps you’re a parent. Perhaps you’re an aunt or uncle. Perhaps you just associate with people who have kids of their own. Regardless of how you’re related, the way we interact with the children in our lives makes a significant impact on their lives. Are you setting a good example? How can you nurture the next generation?

I think we are setting a good example. We try to. We do the best we can. We only have one child so our attention is centered around her. She goes with us pretty much everywhere. We discuss things, we listen, we show her everything we can and include her in conversations about various subjects. We try to expose her to as much diversity and knowledge as possible.

We hear from teachers and other parents and friends what a happy, caring, polite girl she is and it makes us incredibly proud. She has the biggest heart and looks out for others. Her thirst for knowledge is so fun to watch! I think we are on the right path. Is she perfect? No. Who is? I know I’m not!

I love this little girl who brightens this world so very much.


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