#cultivate15 – What Matters Right Now – Day Six


What Matters Now: Cultivate is about living in the here and now. What matters most to you right now? How are you going to nurture what matters during 2015?

Living in the moment.

Expecting nothing but receiving wholly.

Savoring the little things and allowing those moments to fully sink in without rushing on to the next thing.

Experiencing life as best I can.


The lovely Meredith Shadwill over at blog.sailorscorpio.com is the mastermind behind Cultivate! It’s a way to release – onto the page – our thoughts, goals and dreams for the new year – living with intention and creating new connections. I hope you’ll join us! To find out more, please click on the link above.

Share your responses using the hashtag #cultivate15 and tag @sailorscorpio, and join the Facebook group. Add your link to the blog roll at blog.sailorscorpio.com.

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