#cultivate15 – Healing – Day Five


Healing: The Cultivate project is all about healing yourself. How might you heal yourself, your relationships, and/ or your community this year?

I don’t feel like I have a lot of healing -overall- to do this year. Last year was really the time for that. This year is more about transformation for me.

That said, there is a friendship I have to think about. I’m disappointed and hurt and trying to “get over it” and just move on. Easier said than done. I have to find a way to not be disappointed by people. That’s the hard part – letting go of expectations. Funny thing is, I don’t really have any expectations of friends other than just be my friend, take me as I am and be understanding as I am with you. It’s hard to believe that is too much to ask of anyone and yet…

So I shrug my shoulders, move and and realize it is their loss. Not mine.


The lovely Meredith Shadwill over at blog.sailorscorpio.com is the mastermind behind Cultivate! It’s a way to release – onto the page – our thoughts, goals and dreams for the new year – living with intention and creating new connections. I hope you’ll join us! To find out more, please click on the link above.

Share your responses using the hashtag #cultivate15 and tag @sailorscorpio, and join the Facebook group. Add your link to the blog roll at blog.sailorscorpio.com.

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