The Joy of a Fixed Computer on a Snowy Sunday

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It’s been a rather quiet weekend filled with delicate, yet slightly accumulating snowfall, reading, meditation and a fixed computer!

My new hard drive arrived Friday – much to my complete and utter delight. Jess replaced the hard drive in my laptop yesterday and now my computer is up and running and what’s more, there is no more spinning ball of death!!!!!!  I’d forgotten what it is like to NOT see that pesky little devil! It is so nice to not have it getting hung up in limbo and not be able to do anything. World of Warcraft runs smoothly and quickly once again. Life is good!

Indonesian Sandalwood Candle

Indonesian Sandalwood Candle

Last night we went out for dinner to one of our favorite restaurants – Koreana’s. Our seven-year old was beyond excited about going out for Korean food. She always orders fish cakes, Tekka Maki (sliced tuna roll sushi), Miso Soup and edamame although last night it was just the fish cakes and Tekka Maki.

It was the first time she or I had been out of the house since a week ago Friday. She has been on winter break from school and sick almost the entire time. Not fun. But we are both on the mend so that is a good thing!

We stopped over at World Market after supper and I picked up a new candle – Indonesian Sandalwood. It is heavenly. I also bought two new carpets for our bathroom. Both are circular and one is dark blue green for his sink and mine is a burnt orange for mine. I am going to slowly redecorate the bathrooms throughout this year and make them more aesthetically pleasing. I’m feeling that way about our living room as well. I’m researching some ideas for a more Asian inspired decor for a more Zen-like quality. This should be a lot of fun to plan. So if you have any tips or ideas, please feel free to shoot them my way! 🙂

After little pumpkin went to bed, Jess and I watched the movie “What If” starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan. It’s very sweet. I enjoyed it.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well. Don’t forget to sign up for the Pay It Forward Art Making Project!  – details are in the previous blog post – just click on the link here. I do hope you’ll join in! I’ve got some great ideas for my projects that I’ll be sending out!

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