There it is –  my word for 2015 – “transformation.” It came rather easily to me as I asked myself what is it I want and expect in 2015. This is the year I focus on a whole and complete transformation both physically and mentally. I’m well on my way mentally. It’s the physical part I need to really work on. Being sick for the last month and a half has really messed up my workouts and my healthy eating. Once I’m done with my antibiotics and my strength is back, I shall remedy that!

I’ve been going through a lot of changes and growth the last several years. It’s had its peaks and valleys, to be sure. The year I was 37 was when a lot of things came into focus for me. I started to feel more at home within myself. I started emerging more as the person I wanted to be, not the person others expected me to be.

In 2009 I was reading Julia Child’s memoir, “My Life in France” and in it she writes about how at age 37 she finally felt like she was coming into her own. The timing of my reading that could not have been better. For the first time, I didn’t feel so alone – like such a “late bloomer”.

I was also reading Sir Kenneth Robinson’s book, “The Element”. I’ve written about this before because his words have had such a profound impact on me since first reading them. He wrote, “‘If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” The idea of that! I had always been so afraid of making mistakes. It is still something I struggle with internally. But the idea that it was okay – that I could be wrong – I could make mistakes and find merit in it was mind blowing!

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January Reading

So here I am. We are about to enter the year 2015 and in a few months, I will turn 43. I feel so much excitement about this new year! I feel creativity bubbling beneath the surface just waiting to burst forth!!

I’m in the process of putting my list of books together for my January reading. Every year in the month of January, I read as many intellectually stimulating/inspiring books as I can to feed and nourish my soul and my mind. It is something I truly look forward to as we usher in the new year.

So far, this pile you see on the left is what I’ve come up with. They are not in any particular order. I am waiting for Michael Gelb’s latest book, “Creativity on Demand” to be delivered.

I probably won’t get to every single one of these books. I need to narrow it down a little but for now, these are my top picks. And as always, if I discover another book during the course of the month, I am free to add it to the list. I can’t wait to dive in!
How about you? Do you have any rituals or something special you do the first month of the year to sort of set you up for the rest of the year?

5 thoughts on “Transformation

    • I love that! We’ll transform together! 😉 Here’s to transformation in whatever form it takes this year! Hugs! Hope you are well, my friend!

  1. Oh what a wonderful idea – putting together a reading list of inspirational books to kick off the new year! And what a great selection you’ve got. I’ve never considered such a thing – I’m a much more haphazard reader and things are forever landing in my reading pile in a willy-nilly manner. But I love this idea, and I think I’ll reorder my current pile in a more intentional manner.

    • Thanks, Deborah and Happy New Year! I added another book to my list as I just got it yesterday. I originally had the Kindle version of it but Amazon’s licensing for it expired – frustrating since I did pay for it. So I reordered it in hard copy. It is Eric Maisel’s book, “The Creativity Book”. 🙂 I normally am much more – read as I please during the rest of the year but January is always my read with intention sort of month. 🙂

  2. I’ve added a few of these to my wish list, but I won’t be buying any just yet Still need to go through at least a bit of my pile. I just finished reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and I feel very inspired by his concept of Einstein time and being able to create as much time as you need. Once I master this, I’ll be able to read all the books I want!

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