#Reverb14 – Day 15: Do It Anyway

Day 15: do it anyway

What are you really proud that you made happen in 2014, despite the gremlins? And what will you do anyway in 2015?

This is something that is difficult for me to write about because I’m not one of those who likes to brag about the things I do. I don’t do it for applause. I do it because I enjoy helping others. That is one of the things in this life that gives me great joy.

There are several things I’m proud of. Proud because I was able to help in some small way and make a difference. Could someone else have done it? Of course! It’s not something anyone else could not have done by any means.

One of the things I did was arrange for our local Girl Scout Troop to meet with our congressman so they could earn their Government Badge. A friend of mine is the Girl Scout leader and I know our congressman so I just helped facilitate the event for them. That made me feel good – especially when I heard how much fun the girls had and how much they learned from meeting the congressman.

I am also on a committee at my daughter’s school that has an annual basket raffle fundraiser – Family Fun Night Event – to raise money for our school. The baskets are amazing. They are huge and elaborate and the families at our school are fantastic in helping with donations and volunteerism. The event is family friendly where we have games, music, refreshments and of course, the raffle. This year we arranged for ten percent of our proceeds to go towards care packages for local military personnel who are serving overseas. We raised nearly $7000 from the basket raffle. We had a superheroes board with the names of people in our community who serve in the military, police or firefighters. This is such a great event and it makes me extremely proud to serve on this committee that tries to give back. I’m grateful they asked me to be a part of it.

Tomorrow, I’m going to do something I have always wanted to do – especially with my daughter. Another friend of mine, my daughter and I are going to ring the bell for the Salvation Army at one of the department stores tomorrow night. I’ve always appreciated what they try to do for the community. And I’m excited to be a teeny tiny part of that.

A year ago, I would not have been able to do this. I would not have wanted to leave the house. I would have had a panic attack. It feels so good to be out of that dismal fog. It feels incredibly good to be out and about doing a little bit to help others and give back.

I plan to continue this throughout 2015 and beyond.


It’s Reverb 14! Time for us to kick back a bit and reflect on 2014. We’d love for you to join us! Just stop on over at: katmcnally.com  to find out how!

3 thoughts on “#Reverb14 – Day 15: Do It Anyway

    • i was concerned I would not be able to do it tonight as I haven’t been feeling well yet! I went back to bed after getting pumpkin on the bus – so the extra rest helped. just hoping the roads don’t freeze over as the temp is dropping and it is wet out today. I’ll try to take pics!

  1. I can totally related to finding it hard to brag about my achievements. It IS so hard! But I’m also realising it’s not about bragging, sometimes we can inspire others and sometimes we can remind ourselves just how awesome we are, so that we can build our confidence to do more great things. You’re doing amazing work, it’s so rewarding when you’re able to give back.

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