#Reverb14 – Day 9: Shades of Grey

Day 9: shades of grey

As you enter into the new year, what would you like to do/make/have/be more often? How will you bear witness and celebrate the tiny milestones? How will you respond on the occasions when your intentions do not come to pass?

I’m taking life as it comes. I’m embracing it for what it is and what it can be.

That said, in 2015 I want: (in no particular order)

-to have more fun.
-to be more present.
-to be more patient with myself.
-to spend more time outside.
-to be more consistent.
-to savour each and every moment.
-to allow myself to just. be. me. flaws and all.
-to laugh even more.
-to continue discovering and learning new things.
-to hug more trees.
-to focus on finishing writing at least ONE of my books.
-to live more fully.
-to open my heart and my mind even more.
-to have as much fun with my family as possible.

Celebrate each day and start each day anew even if we didn’t fulfill our intended goals. Always remember what Anne of Green Gables said, “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it…”


It’s Reverb 14! Time for us to kick back a bit and reflect on 2014. We’d love for you to join us! Just stop on over at: katmcnally.com  to find out how!

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