#Reverb14 – Day 3: Loving What Is

Day 3: loving what is

It’s all too easy to put off loving where we are until everything is perfect. What can you love about where you are now?

I love trees.

Embracing Life

I do love where I am now in life.

I’m not perfect, but I’m me. And no matter the ups and downs I’ve experienced in my life – no matter that I’m not the “weight” I would prefer to be. I am healthy and I am happy with who I am and where I am.

The older I get, the more I “savour” (Kat McNally, I’m stealing your word here!) life – and the little things. I think as we age we become more at peace with ourselves too. We don’t stop caring so much as we stop trying to constantly please people and put unreasonable expectations on ourselves.

This last year has been monumental for me in so many ways in that respect – expecting perfection 24/7 has been at the top of that list. It’s never been about expecting perfection of those around me. It’s always been targeted inward. It hindered me more times than I can count. I do regret that it prevented me from enjoying life more in the past.

But I will say this – there is a beauty in having this revelation later in life. I can appreciate it more now. And believe me, I am!


It’s Reverb 14! Time for us to kick back a bit and reflect on 2014. We’d love for you to join us! Just stop on over at:katmcnally.com  to find out how!

7 thoughts on “#Reverb14 – Day 3: Loving What Is

    • Thanks, Deborah! I am really enjoying your site. Beautiful. Isn’t “savor” a great word? I told Kat that. I had to “steal” or “borrow” it today. It is fitting. I love hugging trees. Some may laugh but I can feel the energy coming off them. I can feel a warmth there. It calms and centers me. Always has.

  1. The word “savour” is available to anyone who needs it. (Though I’m so old-fashioned, I might have to insist you leave the “u” in! Heh!) I love the way you have worked with it today. x

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