Hello Again.

Sometimes I don’t know where I am.
At least when it comes to my writing and this blog. Especially this blog.
I used to love writing here. And then one day, I just did not.
I ask myself, what have I to write about that matters? The words used to tumble out of my fingertips to the keyboard effortlessly.
Then one day, I was like Eve in the Garden of Eden after she had eaten of the forbidden fruit. I noticed my nakedness. And I was ashamed.

There is a part of me that misses it though. There is another part of me that fights it and chastises the part of me that wants to write.

I’m listening to the part that misses it and diving back in.

We’ll see where it goes. August Moon is coming along at the perfect time I think. And also, Autumn is on the way. And you know how that makes me feel. 🙂

Hello again. I’ve missed you.


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