1. Hey, Trac, I don’t always have time to read blog posts these days, but found myself reading yours today. I’m glad you’re finding your way back to yourself and you’re beautiful inside and out; trust in that!


  2. I love that you’re feeling so good. I’m a big believer in energy and that other people’s energy can affect us as well as ours affecting them. Love your winter hat.

    • Inky

      Thanks! You know I love the color green. This is one of my favorite hats! I’m one of those who feels and absorbs the energy of those around me. I’m learning how to “control” that more efficiently which is a good thing!


  3. Tracy-
    So sorry that someone mistreated you so. You did the right thing though. Apologized and move on.
    Stick to being who you are…..God brings the right people into our lives.
    Shake it off and continue on with the great path you’ve been led to. It’s always easy to take the same path as others because it’s comfortable and secure-don’t ever accept being complacent!

  4. Inky

    Thanks, Diana. I’ve let it all go. I didn’t quite realize how it impacted me until just recently. Lots of things came into focus which is a good thing!


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