Nature Lover – Day 12 – #Cultivate2014

Mrs. Mediocrity writes:

Get outside.
Some of the best lessons I’ve learned in life I learned in my garden. Patience. Tenacity. How to move past disappointment and begin again. That change is inevitable, no matter how much we plan.

There is always something to marvel at, something to wonder at, something that takes me outside of myself.

So go outside. Turn your face to the sky. Inhale the universe. Splash in mud-puddles. Catch snowflakes on your tongue. Spread a blanket on the ground and stare at the stars. Listen.

What do you hear? How can you add more time with Mother Nature to your life this year?

Nature Lover

Nature Lover

I used to spend more hours outside than I did in the house. And then, when I had to move away from the country my time outside became less frequent. With it, my joy decreased as well. It’s only when I get up north to my uncles’ property that I feel invigorated. I hope to spend more time outside this year. I need it. It is where my soul is most free.


I’m participating in Cultivate 2014. It’s a chance to  reflect and manifest what lies ahead in 2014. Won’t you join us? Sign up here

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  1. I love being outside too . . . can’t wait for the snow to dissipate so that I can get outside with the dogs. The cold dry air and the snow create havoc with my face pain.

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