My Skeletons are on Fire – Day 9 – #Cultivate2014

Jason Benoit writes:

We all have skeletons buried deep and, despite our first instinct, sometimes it helps to set them free and use the energy we expend keeping them hidden for more positive things. Confession is the first step to salvation, is it not?

Write a confession and set yourself free from one of your skeletons.

The Fire


These are my skeletons:
Fire follows me.
I don’t know why, but it does.
It’s sort of a running joke in our family.
Ever since I was a child and I accidentally set the woodpile on fire.
I didn’t mean to.
We lived far out in the country.
I was burning the garbage and it was a windy day.
A few minutes later, the woodpile by the garden was a blazing inferno.
The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) came. Yes. That was fun.

Then I was at a dance club in a local town back when they still had one.
It burned to the ground a few hours after I left. I had nothing to do with it.

A pizza place in another town and another state – I had just eaten there and by the time we arrived home just a few miles away, it had burned down.

The guide tent up in the mountains. Some idiot DUCT TAPED the stove pipe up. unbeknownst to me. I started a fire in their wood stove for them.
Just after breakfast, we heard what sounded like a stampede outside and then loud popping sounds. It was the guide tent burning down with all their ammo going off.

I can’t recall if it was the same year, but one of the hunter tents in the same camp also burned down because one of them had hung their clothes to dry too close to the stove.

I used to be a Fire Tower Lookout for the DNR – yes, they actually let me work for them.
They said it was to keep an eye on me.
My fire tower burned down.
Mind you it is a little room about one-hundred feet in the air on top of metal scaffolding.
Some guys had broken into it one time during fire season at night and I reported the incident.
We think they set the fire after I reported them for breaking in. They were wanted for several other crimes and gun smuggling in the area.

My skeletons are on fire.
I hope they’ve long since burned up.
The skeletons, that is.
Nothing else.



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