Quiet Perfection – Day 8 – #Cultivate2014

Liz Amaya-Fernandez writes:

How do you cultivate magic and wonder?

Perhaps it was a budding bloom, or a child’s observation, your heart skipping a beat when you stood under a tree bursting with the colors of Autumn. Tell us about a time in 2013 where you found yourself in awe of the wonder and/or magic around you.    Did you have enough of these moments in the past year?  How do you plan on cultivating more of these moments in 2014?


We were just about home after spending Christmas up north with family. We turned onto our block and the view was something out of a storybook. It was evening and the sun had long since gone to bed for the night. Christmas lights twinkled softly beneath a frosty coverlet of fresh snow. The hedges and bushes along our street looked like giant cupcakes with white fluffy frosting.  I remember thinking how lovely and perfect this was and how utterly magical the world look especially that night.

These moments are all around us. We just have to be open to them. We get so wrapped up in our texting, social media etc… that we forget to stop and look up – look around us and enjoy the journey. We want to occupy our minds all the time it seems when really we are missing out on these precious moments that are right in front of us.

Stop. Look. Listen. Enjoy.




I’m participating in Cultivate 2014. It’s a chance to  reflect and manifest what lies ahead in 2014. Won’t you join us? Sign up here

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