Of Kettlebells, Tracy Reifkind, Cheese and Friendship


Me, Diana De Mint-Behrend and Tracy Reifkind

Thursday, another dream of mine came true. I finally got to meet Tracy Reifkind Sfg. She is thee person who inspired me to pick up the kettlebell exactly three years ago TODAY. I can’t believe today is the anniversary of that date. I didn’t realize that until I checked out the blog post. Tracy flew in from California to visit our mutual friend Diana – whom I met THROUGH Tracy. Diana invited me down to her house to spend the day with them.

Anyway, I first read about Tracy Reifkind in Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4-Hour Body. That’s when I was introduced to the world of the Russian kettlebell. Tracy’s story is amazing. She lost 120 pounds by training with the kettlebell, cooking and eating her own food and taking control of her life.

I remember we were driving up north for the weekend and I was reading the book – more like devouring it. A lightbulb went off. I then read everything online I could about kettlebells. I decided to buy a kettlebell. Rather than invest a lot of money in a cast iron one, I purchased some cheap ones to start with just in case I didn’t like it.

My first set was the *yes I am embarrassed to admit this* – Jillian Michaels set. There were three in the box, a five, ten and fifteen pound rubber kettlebell. They were far too light for me but perfect for letting me see if I would like this fascinating new (to me) training tool. Obviously the dvd of Jillian Michaels attempting to work out with a kettlebell was a joke and even a novice like me could see that. I viewed it more for the entertainment factor than anything else.



I watched Tracy’s training videos and read her blog – absorbing as much as I could. I ordered Pavel Tsatsouline ‘s book,”Enter the Kettlebell!”  Pavel is the one responsible for introducing the Russian kettlebell to the United States. Monday, January 17th, 2011, I picked up the kettlebell for the first time and applied what I had been reading about and watching online all weekend.

I fell in love with it from the very first swing. My poor husband had to (and still does) listen to me go on and on and on about the kettlebell and how I finally found something that felt natural and awesome to me to work out with.

So back to this last Thursday, I drove down to the southern part of the state to Diana’s house bringing with me an assortment of cheeses. Hey, it’s Wisconsin! You don’t go anywhere without cheese! 🙂

What an amazing day. I got to spend the entire day with two incredible ladies. You read about Diana last April when we got together up north for a morning of kettlebells.

We talked, ate cheese, had some of Diana’s elk chili and homemade Dilly Beans and visited for most of the day. Then we went downstairs for a short kettlebell workout. Did I mention that I am the luckiest girl on the planet? WOW. Tracy is wonderful at explaining the technique and breaking things down. You can see it in her videos and in her book, The Swing! which is an excellent resource for training with the kettlebell and has a lot of great recipes and useful tips for losing weight and becoming a stronger version of yourself.

To have a chance to learn from her – one on one – holy smokes. She is fantastic. I wish I lived near her just so I could train with her on a regular basis. I’m hoping Diana and I can get together more often this year and train together because she is amazing in her own right.

The kettlebell world’s strongest and most vibrant – passionate ambassador is Tracy Reifkind. I hope they realize that.

I am blessed and honored to know Tracy and am so very thankful to her for inspiring me to pick up the kettlebell in the first place. I can’t wait until she visits again.

Thank you, Diana and Tracy, for including me. It’s a day I will never forget. 🙂



Tracy and me doing some Snatch Intervals.

3 thoughts on “Of Kettlebells, Tracy Reifkind, Cheese and Friendship

  1. I had the best time meeting, talking and training with you. I know next we meet you’ll be snatching that 12 and 16kg! (Mark went for the stringy cheese first!)

  2. Thanks so much for bringing all that yummy, yummy cheese!
    I’m glad the weather was perfect for all this to happen and we were all able to get together!

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