Hug Sandwich – Day 3 – #Cultivate2014

Hugs: Touch is important in life. It helps to keep from feeling isolated and alone. It is quite important to emotional health. How many hugs daily do you give and receive? If this number is too low, how do you plan to change it? Who in your life could you hug more?

I have a six year-old so hugs are a common occurrence! My husband and I have always been affectionate with one another so really there is no shortage of hugs in our house. Sure, there are some days where there are more than others but really, we are very hug friendly.

Heck, my daughter and I love hugging trees. It feels good. They have an energy that just invigorates the soul.

Who could I hug more? Probably my mom and my uncles.

We always give our daughter a hug sandwich. Jess and I are on either side of her – we hug her and then kiss her cheeks at the same time and say it is an AnneShirley sandwich. She squirms and giggles and it is wonderful.



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