Looking Back – Day 1 – #Cultivate2014

What did you set out to accomplish last year? What did you do to cultivate your goals and your life? Did your intentions manifest last year?

Looking back, 2013 was not what I expected at all. After 2012 being a year of loss – several loved ones passed away – I desperately wanted 2013 to be a year of joy and accomplishment. It wasn’t exactly that.

Things happened last year that sidetracked a lot of what I hoped to accomplish. I had to, at one point, let it all go and just basically roll with it. It wasn’t about giving up and more about adjusting expectations. 

There was a lot of change and some upheaval.

There was also clarity.

Instead of trying to do it all, I focused on doing one thing at a time. I worked on being more in the moment and managing my anxiety.

Sometimes we have to take what we get and make the best of it.

2014 is about continuing to live in the moment and being the best person I can possibly be.


I’m participating in Cultivate 2014. It’s a chance to  reflect and manifest what lies ahead in 2014. Won’t you join us? Sign up here

Use the hashtags #Cultivate2014 or #cultivate14 to share your response.


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