Reverb13 – Day 18 – Making Space for Peace

I am often surprised where I find peace, it is usually in the midst of chaos.

In the midst of living, did you find moments to breathe? Were there moments that held you in the embrace of peace and quiet and pure contentment? 

Did these moments catch you by surprise or did you create the space for peace to find you?

I want to add: how will you make space for greater peace in 2014? Because it’s hard to imagine anything more important.


Yes. Yes. Yes.

It’s funny. When I was younger, I had to have music on all the time. In the car, in my room, outside – wherever I was.

But now the older I get the more content I am in the space of silence.

The quiet is heavenly.

This year, I started meditating more. I learned how to “cleanse my chakras” which really helped when I was feeling blocked and overwhelmed.

I understood for the first time that those feelings of panic and anxiousness I’ve had since I was a child were actually feelings of anxiety.  I am finding ways to counteract them when they pop up which has helped me feel  more in control of those feelings rather than the other way around. That is freeing in so many ways.

I sat out on our deck in the early morning hours before everyone else was up, sipping coffee, writing in my journal, reading the poetry of Mary Oliver.

I spent time outside up north at the farm, hugging trees and reconnecting with nature which always invigorates me.

I need to do more of that.

In 2014, I want to take more pictures. When I am outside taking pictures of flowers, trees, landscapes, I am in my glory. I love it. Time ceases to exist.

I want to spend more time with my family and help them out more.

I want to get together with friends more because I have a tendency to wall myself off and stay home when I should be getting out there.

I need to stop fretting and being so insecure about myself and realize I am okay just as I am.

I need to stop being so hard on myself and make peace with who I am.

I want to be more in the moment rather than worrying about everything. I want to stop, look, breathe, and just BE.

That’s how I’ll make space for peace in my life.


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