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The three of us this weekend.The three of us this weekend.

I know I haven’t been doing Reverb or DeVerb lately and I apologize. It isn’t for lack of interest. I’m having rough time focusing again with Christmas just days away. Hopefully this week will be better in that regard. I’m trying to do too much at once again and I need to just relax and take things one step at a time. That means some things have to go to the back burner if I am to maintain my “sanity”.

We were supposed to go up north for the weekend but snow got in the way of that. The tires on our cars aren’t the best right now so we didn’t want to take any chances. Instead, we stayed home and I completed quite a few Christmas projects that needed to be done.

Saturday was a wee bit stressful as a family member had to be taken to the emergency room via rescue squad. It was frustrating and bothered me that I couldn’t be up there to help in the situation but there wasn’t much I could do. They are okay and back home. But it did give me a scare. 

I have family and friends who are going through a lot this Christmas. There is illness and loss and stressors they shouldn’t have to go through – especially right now. I worry about each and every one of them. And I pray for good things – health, peace, comfort – for them all.

Sunday, I swear we had gremlins in our house. First, one of the inner mechanisms on a doorknob broke so the door could not be opened from either side. Then as we were going out to find a replacement part, the (electric) garage door decided to stop working. Jess got it back on its tracks so all seems okay there. When we returned from lunch I started working on Christmas ornaments that needed to be decoupaged. Jess was in the office with AnneShirley. All the smoke alarms decided to go off. It is an eardrum shattering screeching sound and they would not stop for what seemed like forever. We made sure there wasn’t any smoke or hint of fire, which there wasn’t. Jess managed to turn them all off. Then, about an hour later, they all went off again. Poor Jess had to be right up close to them as he climbed the ladder to turn them off. His ears were buzzing for quite a while afterward. He thinks the alarms may be dirty inside and need cleaning so we’ll need to do that this week.

I know it could have been much worse and I’m not complaining. It’s just sort of funny that all this happened on Sunday. I’m thankful there was not a fire. Although I swear I keep smelling something now. It’s probably all in my head. But it got me thinking more seriously as to what I would grab in the event of a fire – especially since it is below zero outside right now!

We did have a nice weekend overall. We watched “The Santa Claus”, “Rudolph” and “Polar Express” on Saturday night and on Sunday night we watched a Mystery Science Theatre movie as we are doing every Sunday again. This one was “Soultaker” which is a favorite.

I hope you had a relaxing weekend and that this week is bright and sunny for you.

7 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. I know the pain of smoke alarms going off. It always seems to happen to us in the middle of the night. Sometimes I think it’s because the battery has died in one of them but other times I think there’s definitely some kind of gremlin at play. Sounds like you had quite the weekend. I was hoping to do Reverb this year but it’s been difficult to get much computer time in with mum staying. I’ve tried not to stress about it too much but hope to play catch up with some of it after she leaves this evening. Remember to breathe, although I’m a fine one to talk. xoxo

    • Thanks Kathryn! It is hard to remember to breathe sometimes. As funny as that sounds. I hope you are finding time to relax. I loved the pics with your mom. 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear of your family member having to be taken to the hospital. Glad to hear they are home again though. I’m not real fond of my job during the holidays-it’s stressful to see death and dieing during this time of year when all is supposed to be peaceful and joyous-but it just reminds me more of how “not” in control we all are-that’s left to God!
    I hope that my text brought you great joy! I know I’m super excited and can’t wait till next month! WE WILL HAVE A BLAST!!!!!!

    • And then they went back in to the hospital. Looks like they may have colitis. Fun. Hopefully they will be home today. Your text made my YEAR! So excited and YES we WILL have a blast! I am so honored to be included.

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