#Reverb13 – Day Eight – Liberation

What went right in 2013?
Maybe you didn’t quit smoking or lose those pounds or go to Paris, but something did work, did happen, and/or was realized. What was it?

A lot has gone right! Even in the midst of the bad stuff, good things were going on. I’m one of those people who believes everything has a reason or at the very least, when life hands you a problem, it is up to you to decide how you react.

I know that I am someone who wants to do everything all at once. I want to learn everything I can. I want to jam my brain full of all the new information it can handle and then some.

And then, of course, I get overwhelmed and tank out.

But something happened one day as I walked through our house. I realized I had to make a choice. What was my focus going to be? Rather than try to do it all, pick out one thing and start pouring myself into that.

And in that moment, I felt incredibly liberated.


It’s Reverb Time! Reverb 13 is here! Join us for a month of sharing and reflection this December! Click on the image at the top of the page. It will take you to the wonderful Kat McNally’s site where all the delicious details are to help you get started!

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