What was the greatest risk you took in 2013? What was the outcome?




That’s the problem. I haven’t. At least not that I can think of. I’m not a risk-taker. I never have been. I have always played it safe and conservative. It’s just my nature.

Have I taken risks in my life? Of course, just not lately.

I need to put myself out there. Rejection is very difficult for me to swallow. I know I need to toughen up in that respect. I take it way too personally.

I see any sort of screw up as entirely on me even when it isn’t.

Right now my self-confidence is not high. It hasn’t been for quite some time. I regained the weight I lost last year. So I feel quite unattractive right now. There is no one to blame but myself.

That’s on me to change and perhaps that is what 2014 will be for me – a chance to regain my confidence and start taking some risks.

I started training with kettlebells again. It is something that has made me feel strong and confident when I was consistently using them. So I am taking steps in the right direction. The key is to maintain consistency.

I intend to.


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2 thoughts on “#REVERB13 – DAY FIVE – RISK

  1. Risks are sometimes taken incrementally, in steps so small we hardly notice them.
    As Mary Anne Radmacher says, “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”

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