#DEverb – “Facing Up”

Prompt: Facebook, or as we call it in our house – Fessebook:
How many “friends” do you have on FB?
How many would you have if you actually had to hang out and interact with them regularly?
Who would be the first to go, and why?

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook (FB). I know I’m not the only one. I take regular “time outs” from it because at times it can get to be too much. People bitch and moan about every single little thing. Criticism runs rampant. And nothing is sacred. People impose their opinions whether you like it or not. The bullshit posts of: “Copy and Paste if you love Christ. If you don’t, you’ll burn in hell.” or all the posts about privacy settings that have been debunked by Snopes and other similar posts drive me nuts.

I know I’ve posted my opinions in the past. I’ve stopped – when it comes to politics – by and large because it just isn’t worth it. No matter how succinct I try to be, someone invariably gets a bug up their butt and freaks out.

We aren’t always going to agree on everything.

And you know what?


This is what makes life interesting!

Anyway, I digress from the prompt. I have 298 friends on FB.  I had more at one point but I unfriended and blocked quite a few people – most of whom were family members from my dad’s side and some friends who were toxic. I don’t care how “many” friends I have on FB. It’s not about the number.

Many of the friends are classmates from college – from the Journalism School. I’m not close with a great portion of them by any means and the likelihood of actually seeing them again (aside from next year’s big 100 year anniversary of the University of Montana Journalism School) is very low. But still, they are from a time in my life I consider to be one of the best. They hold a special place in my heart.

There are many friends on FB I have not ever met in person. They each offer a keen view on life and I love what they have to say. There are many I hope to meet someday. I don’t think of their friendship as any less than the people I actually have physically in my life. Some of the friends I’ve met online have been more supportive and better friends to me than the ones closest in proximity.

As for who I would hang out with – probably not a whole heck of a lot of them. They would say the same about me. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. That’s why FB is nice.

The beauty of FB is that I can have a conversation – even if it is a quick, “Hey “so and so” how are you doing today? I’m thinking of you,” with a friend or family member who lives many miles or even an ocean away.  That is what I love. I can see pictures of their family and they can see mine. People I thought I would not be able to socialize with from school are back in my life to a degree and it’s nice. There are those people who make a mark on your life even in the smallest way and being able to keep in touch with them – even if it is on FB is wonderful. We might not be close friends, we may never “meet” again, but we have FB.

Who would be the first to go? I can think of a few. It wouldn’t be easy because I value each “friendship” for the qualities about that person I find interesting. I don’t see them as just simple toss-aways. It’s always a really tough decision for me to unfriend someone. It’s not a knee-jerk reaction unless they really did something I cannot agree with or they were hurtful.

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