Letting Go – #augustmoon13

Day eight

What are three things you would like to let go of before the year is out? See if you can list three physical things and three emotional ones. For bonus points: conduct a burning ceremony or release your secrets into nature by writing them onto leaves/stones and dropping them into the nearest river/ocean.


The emotional is much easier to list than the physical. Aside from clutter and things ready to go to Goodwill, which is just a matter of putting in the car and driving them over to Goodwill, I don’t really have any physical things I feel I need to rid myself of.


1.  Bags of clothes, kitchen stuff etc… in the garage ready to go to Goodwill

2.  A few pounds – but really, who doesn’t.

3.  Right now, tooth pain. One of my molars is giving me some problems, so a trip to the dentist is in order.


Emotional (all have plagued me since childhood)

1.  Fear of change

2.  Self-doubt

3.  Lack of consistency


Thanks to Kat McNally and Meredith Shadwill for giving us August Moon 2013!

 (Description below taken from the August Moon 2013 site)

What is August Moon? 

Once in a blue moon, what would you wish for?

On 21 August 2013, we will be experiencing a “blue moon”. There are varying definitions of “blue moon”, but the one we’re working with is the third full moon of the season. Whether you’re a star gazer or not, full moons are undeniably powerful times. As we transition into the last quarter of the year, we are inviting you to join us in responding to a series of prompts designed to bring you closer to all you wanted 2013 to be. We reckon that now is the time to ask: the universe will hear you.

4 thoughts on “Letting Go – #augustmoon13

    • Kathryn, it’s hard. But knowing I’m not alone in this feeling helps. I hope and I know we’ll be able to overcome it all. 🙂

    • Kat, I plan to get myself on a routine. I need to set myself up into an established routine. Once I have that I think the rest will fall into place. I also need to stop being so hard on myself (mean) to myself and just “create”.

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