A Saturday in August at the Farm

The one month of Summer I actually enjoy has always been August. There’s a subtle change in the weather. While it is still often quite warm during this month, there is a softer edge to the heat. It’s almost as though Autumn is blowing sweet nothings into Summer’s ear – the promise of Fall.

This weekend we spent Saturday at the farm. I walked around taking pictures and then we grilled out before the Packer game. Then while the uncles, Mom and Jess watched the game, AnneShirley and I went out into the garden to pick cucumbers, cauliflower, onions, carrots, zucchini and cabbage. Uncle Tom had already picked a nice flat of tomatoes for us to take home – with some jalapenos to boot.

AnneShirley and I then hoed, raked and weeded some of the garden until it got too dark to continue.

How delicious it was to be out in the garden as the moon turned up its light just for us. AnneShirley made up songs about the moon and sang them as we worked. The cool night air kissing our noses, the crickets chirping and the earthy aroma of the garden filling our nostrils with a heavenly scent.

It was the most perfect Saturday I’d experienced in a while.

*Oh, if you notice, I have a new InkyTwig header/logo up above my blog! My friend and business partner Gwen designed and created it just for me! She is working on some other things for InkyTwig that I am extremely excited about and looking forward to sharing with you!

Thanks, Gwen!!


Tiger Lily






Saturday at the farm, hanging out in the garden.

The field corn is high and healthy

The field corn is high and healthy


The pumpkins are coming along nicely!

2 thoughts on “A Saturday in August at the Farm

  1. I have got to get my butt up to Marinette soon! I love it up there during the fall! Perhaps we can plan another day to meet and enjoy the cool fall temps and awesome colors that always brings back there every year! KB’s workout included of coarse!
    Love the pics-those pumpkins will be a nice shade of orange in no time!

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