Of Garden, Flowers & Summer

Panorama of the Uncles' Garden 2013

Panorama of the Uncles’ Garden 2013

We finally made it up north last weekend. It’s been about a month since we were last up there. So it was wonderful to get out of the house and visit with family. The weather was perfect – breezy, sunny and not too warm.

The Uncles’ garden is especially lovely this year with nary a weed to be found. We grilled out and enjoyed some lettuce and onions from the garden with our elk steak, brats and hot dogs.

We were also just in time to catch the tail end of the peonies. I’m so glad I was able to take a few pictures of the flowers before they were finished for the season.





My little girl lost her first tooth over the weekend. She was so excited for the Tooth Fairy to come! It’s hard to believe she starts school in just a couple months! And July 4th is nearly upon us! Where is the time going?

Soon the stores will be busting out the back to school supplies – once the Fourth of July is over.

You know I usually get all twitter-pated over the approach of Autumn, but this year…this year I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m a blender of contradictions right now. On one hand I’m excited for my little girl to start school, make new friends and expand her mind. But as her mommy, it’s so difficult to let go.

It has to happen I know, but it’s that first time that will be the most difficult. We are always together and my heart all ready hurts at the thought of not being around to protect her at all times. I know she has to go out into the world. It’s healthy and normal. I’ll be okay once we are in a routine. I like routine.

For now, I have a couple months before school begins. And now that “things” are getting back to “normal” we can resume our regularly scheduled/unscheduled Summer.


3 thoughts on “Of Garden, Flowers & Summer

  1. Nice flower pics! Good luck with the first day of school. Believe me, it’ll get easier and you’ll come to cherish those quiet hours during the day. It won’t mean you love her any less, either. *grin* Two words: Writing time!

  2. I will never forget that “first” time my son Jared climbed onto that school bus…..and now this year will be his senior high year! I have NO idea where that time went! You both will be fine in due time! On the bright side….just think about all the free time to get your hands on those wonderful kettlebells!!! 😉
    Love the picture of the farm….is that in Marinette area? Nothing beats fresh grown veggies along side some elk and brats!

  3. My grandmother had flower beds and several gardens one of which had an “L” shaped border of pink and white Peonies. She lived in her gardens in warm weather.
    I can still remember the smell of those Peonies as grandmother would cut a handful and place them in several rooms of her home.
    In addition to the flower gardens she tended chicken yards and a vegetable garden. From dawn to dusk kind of a job!

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