Spring Arrives

We had a great weekend up north. I was finally able to take pictures of some spring flowers that are dotting the flowerbeds at the farm. It was a windy day so shots that actually turned out are few but that’s okay. I’m excited for the daffodils to bloom and for the tulips to arrive. Here are few shots of Spring growth that I took.

Daffodils are Coming!

Daffodils are Coming!




Spring Blue Flowers

Our five-year-old loves being up at the farm and spends most if not all the time we are there running around outside. She built an imaginary campfire on the sidewalk, roasted imaginary marshmallows, played t-ball, speed croquet and she also slipped in a huge mud puddle. We got the annual farmer’s tan from our first full-day sitting outside. It was a fun, fun day. 🙂

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