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I was a Blog Hop virgin and didn’t know it. After this post, of course, that won’t be the case. My crazy, insane with creativity, highly artistic and talented friend, Matt Brotherton tagged me for this post, so here I am. And there you are. I hope you are ready for some fun because that’s what this is all about.


1. First you hop to the left…then you hop to the right…wait…no, that’s not it. Oh RIGHT, here we go…

1. You get tagged. Here’s where I was tagged.
2. You receive a top secret email with five questions (okay so it’s not really top secret but it makes it sound much more mysterious, doesn’t it?)
3. You answer those five TOP SECRET (SHHHHHH!) questions on your own blog.
4. THEN, you tag three other unsuspecting (or suspecting – if you are nice and decide to warn them) writers and convince them to join the rest of us in the BLOG HOP. Come on now, we’re trying to form a proper BLOG HOP LINE here. Left, hop, right, hop….

Tag, they’re IT!

1. Lesley Watson over at Tarty Diva – I became friends with Lesley through my fabulous friend, Brandee. Lesley is funny, beautiful, talented and intelligent and full of wonderful insights. I’m so grateful to be getting to know her.

2. Streetlights Imagination – She never lets you down. Honest as the sun is bright, she is the embodiment of truth, beauty, loyalty and is an immensely talented writer. She is a dear friend and an inspiration.

3. Amanda over at Me, my dogs, my life. My zany, hip, funny friend.  She is so funny – and full of quips that will leave you doubled over, Amanda is quirky – wonderfully so – and reading her blog is a breath of fresh air as she regales us with her exploits.

On to the questions!!

1. Tell me about your writing process. Do you plan out what you’re writing
or sit down and do it? What was the greatest surprise about
this writing process for you?

Hmmm…when I DO write – which I haven’t been doing lately because I’m building a website – I do a mixture of planning and writing by the seat of my pants. It really depends on what part of the story I’m writing. The book I have been working on since 2005 requires planning and research but there are also parts of it that I just sit and write when the mood strikes or if a particular scene or idea pops into my head. The greatest surprise about the process is how you can think a particular scene will go a certain way and then when you sit down to write, it takes a dramatic twist you never expected and it leaves even you, the writer surprised and shocked. I love when that happens!

2. What was your worst job ever? (doesn’t have to be about writing) and
why? What did you learn from it?

Ha! Worst job ever was working as a campaign manager for a particular congressional candidate. Don’t get me wrong, I love working on campaigns. I love politics. But this candidate was impossible, headstrong and would not listen to a single thing I said. This person was a firecracker – going off on their own and then I would have to sop up the mess the next day. The candidate would listen to their friends over me. Even though I KNEW what needed to be done. So what was the point of even having me as their campaign manager? I would wake up in the morning with close to a hundred emails from this person just overnight and more phone messages on my cell than I could count (also overnight). The only privacy I had seemed to be when I was taking a shower which I called my “bubble”.  This person had NO clue about campaign hierarchy and the particular roles each person has in a campaign. Three of us walked off the campaign at the same time because of this person. I learned I never want to go through that again. I would rather consult.

3. If you knew tonight was your last meal for a week, what would you eat?

Well, I regularly fast for 24 hours at a time a couple times a week. I haven’t done a full week long fast. When I’ve been sick, I’ve gone three days without food. Before gearing up for a 24 hour fast, I don’t really “go all out” or gorge. I don’t think about it. I try to eat a balanced, healthy meal prior to a fast. If I had a to go for a week, I’d eat a high protein meal. I’d probably have an eggs and vegetable omelet. There really isn’t anything crazy or special I would have. The less I think about food before a fast, the better.

4. How do you feel about frogs?

I love frogs. They are special. We always try to save stranded frogs. I used to collect frog figurines but I’m cutting back on “clutter” so I try not to accumulate any more. I love listening to frogs croak. There’s nothing like listening to the frogs and crickets at twilight time. It’s comforting and fills me with happiness. I also like to eat frog legs. I haven’t had them in a while, but I do love them.

5. Where’s your favorite place to chill out, and why?

The farm. If you read my blog, you more than likely have read about my love of the farm where my mom was born and raised and where her two brothers – my uncles – live. It’s the one place on this planet where I feel supremely safe. I grew up there. I love taking walks or snowshoeing around the field. It grounds me, recharges me and inspires me. The land is in my blood and in my soul. It always will be. I hope it stays in our family forever.

That’s it! Whew, that was fun and painless! Now, it’s your turn – Amanda, Streetlights and Lesley! A great big thank you to the one and only fantabulously awesome, Matt Brotherton. I hope you’ll “hop” on over to each of their blogs and check them out! Now get hoppin’!

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  1. I am always awed/impressed by writers who are organized – who plan & research. i bow to that writer in you, and admit to some jealousy. 🙂

    and fasting 2ce a week? also amazing.


  2. This makes me so happy. I love that friends are connecting with friends. It’s my favorite thing about all of this. And, really, we have Lesley to thank for us meeting! She’s the reason I started a blog in the first place. She’s the one that introduced me to Reverb. Finding that I had more to say that what could be contained in 140 characters or less led to the blog. 🙂

  3. I just saw this. God, I am so behind on my reading. Thank you so much for including me, and your nice words about me. I’m a whirlwind of stupid right now, but I promise to get to this! xo

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