Goodbye, February! Hello March and Scintilla Project 2013!


Thank goodness! I love March for a lot of reasons. The main one is St. Patrick’s Day which is also my birthday. Another reason I love March is that it ushers in the first day of Spring. Usually by the end of February I am ready to kiss Winter goodbye. This year, that desire is stronger than normal.

I’ve felt imprisoned by the snow. It’s been difficult going places, making plans, doing things. And after the horrible year 2012 was, I am ready for fun and activity. Right now, Winter is making that a wee bit problematic. We’ve had to cancel birthday dinner for my mom and uncle, three – wait -maybe it is four – times.

I’m no stranger to Wisconsin winters. I’m used to them. Normally I revel in them. Lately, though, I’ve been hankering for sun, a little warmth (say 60’s) and green grass. I want to sit out on my deck with my cup of coffee, a book of Mary Oliver’s poetry, a journal and pen and just sink into the morning sun.

I am also looking forward to this year’s Scintilla Project which begins March 13 and runs for two weeks. Two weeks of fun, insightful daily prompts delivered to your inbox. All you need to do is sign up! You can follow them on twitter at @ScintillaHQ . Pick up a cool badge like this:

The Scintilla Project

And you are good to go! Won’t you check it out and join us for two weeks of fun? I hope to see you there!

See what I mean? March is brimming with greatness. And of course The Hobbit coming out on DVD in March *insert ECSTATIC HAPPY DANCE!* and the third season of Game of Thrones begins on HBO. If I remember correctly, David Bowie has a brand new album dropping in March as well! Woooweeee! 😀

Mind you, not all things are peachy keen. We do have to deal with the dvd release of Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Part Two just as March walks through the door. Blech. On the upside of that down note, it IS the LAST one of those wretched movies. So there’s that!

Okay, I hope I have you sufficiently revved up for March. Because I sure as heck am! I have my brand new vintage cap from Hanna Hats of Donegal, Ireland to ring in my birthday on the 17th and believe you me, I intend to!


Happy last day of February!

0 thoughts on “Goodbye, February! Hello March and Scintilla Project 2013!

  1. Not only Wisconites, lover of the kettlebell, but you also are a Bowie fan and your b-day is also in March! Freaky. I’ve wanted David Bowie just for one day since I can remember and my bday is the 14th…..
    As much as a fan of winter I am……I’m a smidge tired of shoveling! Just a smidge!

  2. The Big Monkey’s birthday is ALSO St Patrick’s Day! I thin she’s 11 this year… which makes me feel kind of old.

    Here’s to the month when things turn Green with the crisp air of hanging breath but no deadly ice fall!

    March is awesome.

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  4. This is my favorite badge, too. I truly love the colors this year.

    I also like to think I have won you to the dark side of winter haters. DOWN WITH THIS.

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