Where Have We Gone

Where have we gone
oh dreamers, oh speakers of truth

Where have we gone
have we vanished from the earth

Or are we still here
only now silent and shy

Afraid to speak out
Afraid to say what’s on our mind

Where have we gone
believers in dreams
thinkers of all that is possible

Have we become jaded with time
ashamed, timid, awakened

to the tragedy of reality around us
NO no no no no no!

We need those dreams, those flights of fancy,
Oh believers in things beyond our reach-
or so it would seem

But it’s not – nothing is – it only appears that way at first
Truthfully – everything is in our grasp, within our reach
We have only to stretch out our arms, our minds and try

It’s not about actuality

It’s about the attempt – the belief that it is there
for us – waiting to be grasped

To not try – to not reach – to not believe
That is when we begin to die

We must never give in, never give up, never settle






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