February, Cooking, Kettlebells and New Business Cards…

IMG_0491February is such an odd month. It’s usually about the time I start to fall out of love with Winter and look forward to the arrival of Spring. This year is no exception. It’s been too cold and too crappy to play outside with my daughter.

The last three weekends we have been trying to get up north to celebrate my mom’s and uncle’s birthday but cancelled because of bad weather. I keep joking by the time we finally make it up there it will be my birthday – which is in March.

Impsy Creative Business Cards

Impsy Creative Business Cards

On the business front, our business cards are now in our hot little hands. They arrived a few weeks ago. So excited to finally have them. Next up, our website which I should have finished in a few weeks.

 This weekend I made Chickpea, Rice and Kale Soup. I was supposed to make cashew cream out of cashews to add to it but when I went to check the cupboard (because I SWEAR we had a container of cashews and other nuts in there) there were none to be found. So I used peanut butter instead. It still tasted pretty darn good. Definitely a recipe I will use again.


Today, I’m thinking of making Aduki Bean Soup with Pear and Shiitake Mushrooms. I’ve made this one quite a few times before and we really enjoy it. With all this grey, wet winter weather, soup just sounds really good. I also have a chicken I need to throw in the pressure cooker with some brown rice and vegetables today too. The house will smell good in a few hours. 🙂 (not that our house smells bad, mind you! 😛 )



 I am back at the kettlebell and I am thrilled because I really missed training with it. My strength is bouncing back quickly. Three cheers for muscle memory!! I love how energized kettlebell training makes me feel. I am also looking forward to Spring so I can train outside on the grass with them.

That’s about it from our neck of the woods. Stay warm, dry and safe!

3 thoughts on “February, Cooking, Kettlebells and New Business Cards…

  1. Yay for you and your kettlebells. I was just thinking the other day that I need to get back into the “swing” of it, too! I hope MY muscles retained some of the movement memory!

    PS Your soups/dishes sound incredible. Yum!

    • Hey Melissa! I really missed it. It’s been a long time but since January I’ve been back at it and loving it. I think the break might have actually been a good thing as I feel more focused with my workouts. I’m sure your muscles retained memory. The body is such a remarkable instrument. Thanks! The soup did turn out quite nicely. 🙂

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