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I’m ready for 2013. I’m done with 2012. I’m done with sadness, crying, stress, worry, frustration, anger, anxiety and loss.

Yes. I am ready for change. I am ready for happiness to flow in and through my family, home and life. I want abundance, joy, elation and excitement to flood my senses and permeate my being.

This is the year I strengthen my focus on health – body, mind and soul. This is the year I get back to my kettlebell training – finally. This is the year my friend and I put our business on the map and this is the year my little girl starts school in the Fall. (where has the time gone?)

My husband has already started his new job and the difference is amazing. He’s not stressed and full of dread as he once was. He can actually leave work at work and come home and just BE HOME. We might actually be able to take a vacation this year! We may be able to go out to Montana and see his family in Helena and visit Missoula and our friends! *fingers crossed. We haven’t been out there since AnneShirley was six months old. I miss Missoula. I miss the mountains.

Yesterday, we went to the bookstore and I picked out my new journals for the year. It is time to start fresh. I didn’t get the Moleskine this time as I have every year before. I wanted to go a different route. So, I opted for these two journals. AnneShirley picked out the green one with the Irish Blessing and four-leaf-clover on the cover for me – which is very apropos since my birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day and my favorite color is green. I could not resist getting the other journal with the poppies on the cover too. One will be for poetry, the other for my daily journal.

I can’t wait to crack them open and start writing.

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I wish each and every one of you a Happy and Blessed New Year.

Here’s to a year full of promise, hope, joy and endless possibilities.

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  1. Tracy, I wish ALL of these things for you too, you so deserve them. It sounds like 2013 is off to a brilliant start so far! (I love the bit you wrote about your journals. One of my annual rituals is to go through my old journals to remember the year and then crack open a new one.) πŸ™‚

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