December 18: My Grandma’s Pink

What colour best represents the year you had in 2012? And why?

What colour would you like to invite into your life in 2013? 

Be as literal or metaphorical, clever or crazy, or just plain off-the-wall with this as you choose! Can’t wait to read your responses to this one!


Grandma's Jewelry Box

Grandma’s Jewelry Box

Oh dear, I could not pass this question up!

My color this year – and I knew it straight off back in January – was pink!

Not the typical pink. I’m talking about the pink of the twenties. The pink of my grandmother’s old vintage pink jewelry box. I’m not sure why pink chose me this year. I’m not a usually a big fan of pink but I’ve always loved my grandma’s jewelry box which is now mine. I’m not much for jewelry. But as a child, I remember standing in front of grandma’s dresser and admiring her jewelry box and the contents within. She would take out each piece for me and let me play with them. The jewelry she had and I now have is not expensive but it is priceless to me because of the meaning behind it. The handkerchief in the picture above is one my grandma made. This box is one of many reminders of my wonderful grandma. Oh how I miss her even after all these years.

For 2013, I have a feeling it will be the color red.

It’s just an inkling. We’ll see.

Perhaps red is calling me out to be more bold, to take chances I normally would not take.

To be daring.

To take a leap of faith and live bodaciously.

To step out of my own shadow and become who I was truly meant to be…



*I’m participating in this year’s December prompts series that began as Reverb and has branched out into several other incarnations of the project. It is a way to close out the year by reflecting on that which we are leaving behind and looking ahead to the possibilities in front of us. I hope you’ll join us as we strengthen old friendships and make brand spanking new ones. :)

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