December 17: Hobbies

December 17: Hobbies

I always start the year with a plan to take up different hobbies, but that usually never happens. Perhaps you learned to knit, or started scrapbooking, or learned to play an instrument. Did you take up a new hobby in 2012? Do you plan to stick with it in 2013 or try something new?


My Doctor Who hat and scarf I made.

I have been crocheting since I was nine. I crochet hats, scarves, washcloths, afghans, coasters, etc… My grandma taught me and it is something that gives me great joy.

Crochet Hats and Scarf

I also make soap and candles, I cross-stitch – although not so much anymore as it is hard on my eyes. I decoupage, I sew.


My makeup bag

Finishing Touch

My Tote

This year has been the year where I have seriously started learning to sew.I made floor pillows for my daughter and me. My friend Gwen and I are making sachets and some other things I cannot put on here because they are gifts for certain people who may read my blog.

I made my own makeup bag and a couple totes this year that I am quite proud of. I’m still learning. I got my sewing machine a long time ago and only now am I really putting it to use. But as they say, better late than never, right?

Photography is more than a hobby to me. I have a new camera on my wish list. I love taking pictures of nature. I love taking macro shots of flowers and bugs. Time does not exist when I am outside taking pictures. It is something I would really like to improve at and develop.DSCN5693

I love to draw. I am not good at drawing from my head. But if I look at a scene, a picture or basically have an image in front of me, I can draw it. I love to sit outside and sketch what I see. For me, that is extremely relaxing.

Cooking is something I truly love to do as well and it comes very easily to me. It’s just another way I show my love for the people in my life.

My biggest problem is that there is too much out there. I want to learn it all. I want to do it all. I have an insatiable need to learn as much as I can. It excites and thrills me. So I imagine I will be adding to my hobby list. There are quite a few I haven’t listed on here. These are just some of the ones I really enjoy.

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