The wind screams
the gutters rattle
the fire snaps and spits
and here I sit
thinking, doing nothing and wondering is anyone else doing the same?

sick of all the pain and woe.
pissed i can’t do anything to change the circumstances of those I love
here in the now.

words of comfort
so easy to give and yet
truly worthless when you really think about it.

then there’s the past
there’s no antidote – no magic potion
that can make you forget
and they say time heals all wounds
but does it really?

if i let my thoughts wander, allow my mind to steal back in time
to certain memories…
new gashes form
old wounds reopen
they bleed and fester
the pain returns.


*I’m participating in this year’s December prompts series that began as Reverb and has branched out into several other incarnations of the project. It is a way to close out the year by reflecting on that which we are leaving behind and looking ahead to the possibilities in front of us. I hope you’ll join us as we strengthen old friendships and make brand spanking new ones. :)

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