December 5: Walk Away

December 5 – Lesson: We may have started this year with the best of intentions, but plans may have gone awry. What lesson really jumped out at you this year? How can you cultivate that lesson going forward?

Cultivate 2012

Walk Away

The Door

The door is shut
and there is no turning back
no returns, no do-overs.

there is only now
and tomorrow, God willing.

but that’s a good thing
a blessing, really.
it means the knife stabs to the heart,
the mistakes, betrayals and wrong turns
are of yesterday.

what’s done is done.

I’m not dismissing past agonies
I’m not saying the sting will ever go away
the scars and memories do remain.

what I am saying is that yesterday’s door is closed.
we can either stand there staring at it
or we can walk away, move on and live.

I choose to live.


*I’m participating in this year’s December prompts series that began as Reverb and has branched out into several other incarnations of the project. It is a way to close out the year by reflecting on that which we are leaving behind and looking ahead to the possibilities in front of us. I hope you’ll join us as we strengthen old friendships and make brand spanking new ones. :)

Cultivate 2012



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  1. Yes, so often, walking away, choosing to move on really are the best things you can do. It can be oh so hard, but it is a choice in the right direction. Lovely.

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