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Being sick is no fun. I’ve had a wretched cough most of the week that has settled into a horribly sore throat, earaches and just overall feeling of utter crappiness. This is not a good week to be sick but then again when is a good time to be sick? We have Sesame Street Live on Saturday and the Mary Oliver poetry reading and book signing on Monday. I cannot miss these events.

I know why I’m sick. I have been running running running the last few weeks and months and it finally caught up with me.

The one thing about being sick though, is that it makes you truly appreciate when you are well. Our bodies are miraculous. We take them for granted all too often. But if you think of all the things that must go on within our systems to keep us going day to day…WOW. It’s amazing.

So here’s to health. May you all be healthy and stay healthy especially during the cold and flu season.


**This is part of 30 Days of Thanks created by my friend Amanda over at Me, my dogs, my life
Every day throughout the month of November we will post something we are thankful for.
I hope you’ll join us! If you are on Twitter, use the hashtag #30daysofthanks

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