For Running Water… #30daysofthanks

I’m thankful for running water. How simple an action it is for us to turn the knob to hot or cold and instantly have water at our disposal.

I worked in the mountains of Montana – the Bob Marshall Wilderness – in the hunting camps for three months every Fall for several years. Thirty miles back in the wilderness – by horseback. No power. No phones. No running water. We lived in wall tents. We used outhouses(or the woods). Kerosene lanterns were our source of light. I cooked on a wood stove and propane oven. Everything was cooked daily from scratch – from homemade bread, cookies, pies, cakes to full blown Thanksgiving dinners. I loved it.

Our running water was water we hauled in buckets from the creek and heated either by solar shower bag or on top the wood stove. Our wood was cut using a crosscut and ax. When the creek froze over, we used a pulaski to chop a hole in the ice in order to get at the water.

You didn’t waste water. You treasured every drop. I’m so very thankful that I had that opportunity in my life. It gave me a greater appreciation for our modern conveniences and it also gave me this sense of confidence that if we were to ever lose them for whatever reason, I would be just fine.

*Don’t get me wrong. I realize the difference between choosing to live that way and those who don’t have a choice. There’s a big difference. My mom grew up without all the modern conveniences we currently have. Back then it was the norm. I’m grateful for the things that make our lives easier.

**This is part of 30 Days of Thanks created by my friend Amanda over at Me, my dogs, my life
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    • Heh heh! Too true! I remember when it was 20 below up in the mountains and having to get out of bed at 2 am to trudge through the snow out to the outhouse which was a good 100 150 yards away. My boots were frozen stiff so I could only get my toes into them and had to walk that way. LOL!

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