Blessed #30daysofthanks

The Arrival

I wait for you. Anxious for the day you will arrive. I’ve never seen you and yet I know you. I love you more than anything or anyone and yet we’ve never met. I know that you will change my life forever and that nothing will ever be the same once you are here. My heart hurts – aches – wells up with more emotion than I have ever experienced. I am drowning-willingly so – into the abyss of the unknown; uncharted territory – terrified and yet I drown in the most profoundly exuberant way because this is what I have been waiting my entire life for: you.

The day arrives, you are coming and could be here at any moment. It is excruciating – these last few hours, minutes, seconds that I must yet go through until you show up. The pain is stabbing. It comes and goes. I want this waiting to be over. I want you here in my arms now. At times it becomes almost too much. I don’t know how much more I can take and yet I endure. When, oh when will you get here?

Your arrival is now imminent. I push for time to go more quickly. I am so tired. I have not slept. I am far too excited to sleep. I can’t stand the anticipation then suddenly, you are here – you are in my arms and I am filled with a love I have never known before. I know you! I know this little girl who has been placed in my arms for the very first time! I know you and I love you more than you can possibly imagine. I’ve been waiting my entire life for you. I look at you, my little girl and know that we are blessed.

Happy fifth birthday to my joy, my pumpkin, my little girl, AnneShirley. I love you.

**This is part of 30 Days of Thanks created by my friend Amanda over at Me, my dogs, my life
Every day throughout the month of November we will post something we are thankful for.
I hope you’ll join us! If you are on Twitter, use the hashtag #30daysofthanks

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