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Stress Reliever

This is my spanking new Filson bag. Anyone who knows anything about quality wool clothing/outerwear knows that Filson, which has been around since 1897, is the Cadillac of wool clothing. Filson is one of those companies whose products will last you your lifetime and then some. It’s not cheap but it is high quality.

Now I have to do some explaining here. If you know me, you know I am somewhat of an organization freak. I am also one of those people who has to take the bookcase, the books and the kitchen sink whenever I go somewhere. I have a Kindle – yes. But I still manage to NEED a book or two in addition, plus my journals, my laptop, my camera, a notebook – big and small, my power cords, my Kindle, some books, my Leatherman, a dictionary, files, my pens, pencils, and colored pencils, and anything else that will be necessary should I experience a creative mindflood. So this means when we go up North for the weekend, I usually take three or four bags full of this stuff. NOT fun. Not handy. But I am the sort of person that MUST BE PREPARED at all times.

My dear, sweet, patient, understanding, wonderful husband suggested I look for a proper bag to cart all this stuff around. So a bag that could accommodate all the things I need to have with me at any given moment is something that would really help alleviate my stress – because I DO stress out trying to get all my “stuff” together when we go anywhere for a couple days or even a daytrip up North.

We went to my favorite store on the planet – Wind Rose North in Menominee, Michigan where they carry a wonderful array of outdoor camping gear and outerwear. Filson is one of the many products they carry and for a while now, I had been eyeing one of their computer bags.

Then I got to thinking. A typical computer bag is just too small to fit everything I need – especially when I get my new SLR camera. Mark, one of the owners, suggested the Sportsman’s Duffle. Poor Jess. I asked him to drive back to Mom’s to grab my laptop so we could see if it fit the bag. The laptop fit perfectly, standing up in its neoprene case. We put it on layaway, making payments on it until I could pick it up – which we did a couple weeks ago.

The bag has a ton of pockets. You can’t see all of them from the picture but the same zippered pocket you see on the front, is also on the back. There is a nice deep, wide pocket above the zipper on both sides and there is a pocket on each end (my Kindle fits in there perfectly). The front zippered pockets has a row of pockets inside to fit phone, pens, notebooks, etc…

You might be thinking, “All this fuss about a bag?” Indeed! Some women freak over shoes, makeup, and clothes. Me? I get excited about bags, books, computers(well all technical gadgets), hiking boots and camping gear.

I had to go up North this week to help my mom with political party stuff and it was so nice leaving my house with just one bag. All I had to do was slip my laptop and cords in and I was ready to go. It removed a level of stress that made everything so much easier for me in terms of not worrying that I had forgotten something. It was easy to grab things out of the bag and keep everything organized and in its place. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s just the way my fun little mind works. Having that stress taken out of the equation is heaven.

My husband gets it and I am so grateful and blessed for that.

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  1. This sounds like my dream bag: a whole ton of pockets (but mine would probably be bright blue leather.) The many-pocketed bag – that can actually hold stuff – is a rare beast, Tracy. Enjoy it 🙂

    • Beast. I like it! This one is my favorite dark green and it is water repellant. I could see you with blue leather. It’s funny, there is such a running “green” trend with all my stuff and most of my bags. All shades and somehow they all match. LOL! Yes, I love this bag. I do I do. 😀

    • Roberta! Let me know if you get one and which one you get. I can’t say enough about this bag – seriously. It’s worth the expense. The inside main compartment has to snap dividers that you can use across the inside or make into two small cubby pockets. I use one for my cords to keep them separate and my camera fits in nicely along the side inside.

  2. You know, sometimes a new piece of equipment or clothing or whatever it is you’re into really just makes such a huge difference, it’s amazing. 🙂

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