Busy Days

I really thought once September started I would be back online more, socializing and catching up with all my wonderful friends. I took a little break from my regular online presence this summer to recharge my batteries. It helped. And I’m more than ready to be back online but the thing is, I’ve been too busy!

I haven’t been home for a solid few days in a row in quite a while. We’ve been running, running, running (not literally). We were supposed to go to Chicago for Jess’ work but that was cancelled and then we got called down there for something else but it was a quickie overnight sort of thing. It was not the trip down there we had planned – which would have been a few days where I was hoping to meet up with Noel from over at French Christmas and my college classmate and friend Cari (haven’t seen her since we graduated in 2000). I’m hoping we’ll be able to meet up when we go back down to Chicago this Fall.

Meeting Louise Erdrich

We got home and the next day we went straight up north to my mom’s and the farm for a couple days then home, then the next day I drove back up north to help Mom with some things, then home for a day and then a friend of mine drove with AnneShirley and me to Minneapolis for a quick FUN but long day trip (there and back) to meet one of my favorite writers, Louise Erdrich.

Birchbark Books

She was having a book-signing at her bookstore, Birchbark Books.  I have been looking forward to meeting her since I first started reading her books back in 1991. I read her book Tracks for a college course.

We made it just in time for the book-signing at five. After I got my books signed and picture taken, we browsed the bookstore (which is wonderfully homey, enchanting and delightful).

AnneShirley had a blast playing in the “tree house” they have in the store. I bought more books than I probably should have but I really enjoy supporting independent bookstores.

Louise Erdrich is soft-spoken, gentle mannered and very sweet. I told her what her writing means to me and what an honor it is to finally meet her. I have to admit I was quivering inside. There aren’t a lot of authors/people I am itching to meet. Not that I don’t appreciate many of them, but of the ones I really and truly admire they are, Louise Erdrich, Mary Oliver, Patti Digh and Sir Ken Robinson. What is really exciting is that by year’s end I will have met two of them. Mary Oliver is going to be doing a poetry reading and book-signing in Milwaukee this November. You better believe I am going!

Last week alone, I drove well over one-thousand miles – all with AnneShirley, my four-year-old in tow. She was a real trouper and never complained once.

I have also been helping my mom out with her county Republican Party up north. I was voted in as webmaster and media liaison so I’ve been overhauling their website, writing and issuing press releases and media alerts and even volunteering at their headquarters. It feels good to be working in politics again. I’ve missed it. I don’t like the dirty, the vitriol, the nastiness that comes with it, but I do like the energy and working with people towards a goal.  Mom is back in place as their county chairman. Now I know things will get done. 🙂

I’m immensely proud of my mom. She has been involved with her county party since she was seventeen. She is in her seventies now and has been chairman six times since her twenties. She works hard. Oftentimes – all too often – it is a thankless job. People constantly dismiss her and try to override her. She pours her soul into helping candidates and keeping the party going strong and often meets with strong opposition within her own party. Why? I haven’t the slightest clue. My mom is a woman of fairness, strong devotion and loyalty.

She has never been formally recognized by the state party for her contributions and work. To me, that is inexcusable. She would never ask for it. But it bothers me. Especially when I see others who have not done anywhere near the work she has done, who have not accomplished all the things she has accomplished – and yet they receive awards and accolades from the state party. Why not my mom? It’s time they stood up and formally recognized her. She deserves it.

Okay, off my soap box. 😛 I will say that I know many of you really hate the GOP. Please read what I wrote for what it is, a girl who loves her mom, supports her fully and understands the rich history of the party and what it initially was. I pray someday it will get back to those founding principles. I am not sure that will happen, but there needs to be change within and I do understand that. Any work I do is an effort to get back to commonsense grassroots politics of decency and working together for good.

Today, I’m home but there is more “running” in our near future. I have so much catching up to do with my blog readings, blog postings, tweeting and facebooking. I miss you all. Know that. Hopefully when things slow down, I’ll be able to catch up on all of it before you all forget who I am!

Hope everything is super in your neck of the woods and that you are able to enjoy these gorgeous September days!


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  1. You know what, either party who treated a member that way, after that much service, would be due some side-eye and a middle finger or two. It’s not the politics, here–it’s the human issue.

    Sorry your schedule is so packed lately. But I like what you’ve done with the place!

  2. Precisely what Kim said. It’s just common decency to acknowledge, thank and celebrate someone who has put time and effort into a cause she believes in. It’s a damn shame and you’re right to be pissed.

  3. It’s good to get the scoop! NO WORRIES about the meet up whatsoever! We will catch up soon.

    I’m glad you are having a fun and busy fall. It’s great to hear about the work you’re doing. This is a very important election no matter what side you’re on, and it’s too bad more people aren’t like you and your Mom. We ALL need to be involved.

    Here’s to lots more wonderful sunny, cool September days … I am personally so happy fall has arrived in Chicago and when I smell the crisp air it always makes me think of you. I know this is your season!

    Big hugs! 🙂

  4. Sitting here this morning, still curled up in bed. It’s been slightly cooler the past couple of days, hinting that the blast of summer might finally be over. I have a cup of tea steeping…something that makes me think of my mother and of you.

    I am sorry to hear that your mom’s efforts have gone largely unrecognized. It is hard to put your heart into something and be ignored. I know she doesn’t do it for that reason; but, still…

    I owe you a letter, and plan to get it done tomorrow.

    I miss you online, but haven’t been on as much myself!

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