At the Park #augustbreak

Jess had a meeting up north in Peshtigo today so AnneShirley and I rode along and played at Badger Park while he was at his meeting.

The scent of pine is strong there. I’d forgotten that. It brought back a lot of happy memories from my childhood as we lived the first few years of my life in Peshtigo.

I still feel a strong connection to the area – even now – so many years later.

Badger Park

Pine Trees

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  1. Oh, man. That is a great play structure. And the trees are wonderful. What a gorgeous day for a family outing, even if work is the reason you went.

    • It was! Perfectly gloomy and cool – just how I like it! I love the smell of pine. I wish they would have had this sort of play area when I was a kid. It’s very cool.

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