Morning #augustbreak

Outside on the deck
air chilly — delightfully so
birds chirping, dogs yapping in the distance
rooster crowing
coffee, Mary Oliver, journal and pen
sun rising up over the housetops spilling rays of warmth over me



I’m participating in Susannah Conway’s August Break project. Throughout the month of August, we will be sharing a photo a day.

Why don’t you join us? You know you want to! Click on the August Break icon below and add your name to the blogroll.

0 thoughts on “Morning #augustbreak

  1. A break in the humidity! Perfect for outside. I love your mug, too.
    Also, I see you have grass! I’m envious–our whole area’s grass burned away by June. Stupid drought.

    • Thanks! Yes, our grass was crispy a few weeks ago but we’ve been on the receiving end of a nice amount of rain lately so our grass has greened back up – thankfully! I like this mug too – it’s from Starbucks a couple Falls ago. Yes, I am so happy for the break in humidity! SOOO happy!

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